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Thrashed on Green Beers

Hold tight, Dave the Rave!

1 November
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  • Newcastle College - Newcastle upon Tyne, England - Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom (2006 - 2008)
Hey, I'm Mel. No one ever reads these things, but it's 3.20AM and I'm bored as fuck, so here we go.

Basically, this is my blog (Shit the bed, really???). I write about anything that happens, if I'm honest, if it's interesting enough. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes sad, sometimes you want to punch me in the face. Heh, I can live with that, I probably have one of those faces you want to punch.

I'm 18, I live in Newcastle, UK, and I'm in Necastle College. Which is in Newcastle. Haha! I suppose I'll probably write a lot about that, I dunno, I never really read my old blogs. Oh yea, I post a lot of photography too, 'cos that's how I roll.

Some of you will hate me because I drink and swear. On this blog sometimes, too. If you don't like it, I suggest please you don't read. If you do, don't give me shit comments, I warned you here!

Others will hate me because I post loads of pictures in my blog. Right- it's 2008, if you don't have dial up, what the fuck gives? Anyways, if you still want to add me (which you're free to do, by the way), but you're pissy about pictures, there's an option somewhere for you to put placeholders on images in your friends page.. just ask me and I'll look for it.

So, if you're still with me, give this page an add, man!

Enough said.. except I love Matt Skiba. Scary love. Lmfao.